Overseas Partner Programme

We are currently looking for Overseas Partner to expand our business in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia & South Africa. 

We will provide you with our expertise in social media ads and you will be focusing on servicing the client. This collaborative efforts allow us to leverage on each others strength to deliver effective online marketing solutions to clients. This is why we love working with various partners such as ad agencies or media agencies.

How our Overseas partnership works

We work in 2 ways:

  • Represent our company name & we generate leads for our partners to follow up. *We are highly selective on this.
  • We can play as more supportive role, implementing our work in the background while you manage the client.

White labelling included

We allow having our partner’s logos and branding on the materials and reports that we generate.

Benefits of partnering with NextsCLICK

Partnering with NextsCLICK allows you to focus

  • Spend more effort and time with your clients and doing what you’re best at. We will do our part.
  • We will develop search strategies that align with your client’s existing Digital/Marketing strategy to ascertain the best interests of everyone
  • Up to date with the best technologies and tools to track your clients’ campaigns and measure ROI

Served by Qualified Expert

For more information, kindly contact STANLEY WONG
TEL: 1700-81-9790  or
  email to  stanley.wong@nextsclick.com