How Value Is Your Leads ?

The value of a lead will depend on a few factors:

  • Geography – Are your leads more or less relevant based on location? Are you willing to pay more for leads from certain areas?
  • Frequency of interaction – Do most leads have a complicated attribution system? Are there many “touches” with a prospect before they convert?
  • Bounce rate/Time on site – What behavior does your user have post-click? How are they interacting with your site?
  • Precedence – What have you seen to be qualified in the past?

You can better control the quality of the leads you bring in through PPC via segmentation strategies like negative keywords (filtering out terms that don’t convert), placements/site exclusions (controlling the sites where your display ads appear), and dayparting (adjusting your bids based on time of day and day of the week). In addition, segmentation helps you better understand if you’re spending your budget wisely.

For example, if you dig into the data of how your PPC ads perform at different times and in different areas, you might find that your CPL on Saturdays, especially for international traffic, is significantly higher than it is on the other days of the week:

PPC Budget Guide: Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely? image ppc budget guide day of week cpl

At this point, you’d want to ask yourself: Is the quality of those leads I’m bringing in on the weekends worth the extra cost? Or should I dial it back a bit? This is where bid adjustments or just changing your ad scheduling can come into play and help you maximize the allocation of your budget.