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    We help you show the video to the right people based on who they are, location & interest.

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We only show ads to the right people based on who they are, where they’re located, and what they’re interested in. For example, you can place your video on a competitors, in a certain field, or a selected subject. We also like to restrict those who are able to watch the video by age, gender, parental status, interests. etc. This will keep costs down and conversions high.


Now this is where the fun really begins. Unlike most PPC or PPV avenues you get charge per impression or when someone clicks on your ad. With YouTube Ads, you pay when a viewer watches up to 30 seconds of video. Meaning you know you have an interested viewer if they are willing to watch out to 30 seconds. This is known as Pay Per View. It works great!

TrueView In-Stream

Your Youtube ad plays at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of YouTube partner videos. Viewers have the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds and you will only be charged if the ad reaches the 30-second mark.

TrueView In-Search

Your Youtube ads are displayed in search results when specific keywords are searched and will only be played if selected. You’re charged only if the user clicks to play the video.

TrueView In-Display

Your ad appears next to other videos on the YouTube Watch page and is labeled as an ad. You’re charged if the user clicks to play your Youtube video ad.

Call-to-Action Overlays

Call-To-Action overlays entice users to know more about the content of your video or lead them to your website for action. When users click on the overlay, they are directed to your external website as specified in the overlay's destination URL.

InVideo and Companion Banners

in-video ads are shown as an overlay when the viewer clicks to start the video. When eligible, this ad will let you do a near-takeover of the video page with the overlay and a 300 x 250 size companion banner. No other advertisements will be shown together with your ad.

Ms Kek Ai Xiang

Marketing Executive / Asia Tropical Film

“NextsClick has helped us advertise our horror movie trailer “Hungry Ghost Ritual” directed by Nick Cheung. They had helped us increased our youtube viewers from 400+ to 25,000 viewers in 1 week with very limited time and budget to promote this movie. Our FB fan page has also increased over 100% in a week time. My management is happy with the results. “

Tan Yin Loo

Publicity & Promotions Vice President / Click Entertainment Sdn Bhd

“Our client launched a music album last year, we had appointed NextsClick to be our YouTube Marketing Arm To Help Us Create Awareness In Malaysia & Taiwan. So far, they had helped us achieved our client’s targeted viewers goal. Thank you! “